How to Kill a Superhero by Pablo Greene is the ground-breaking series of superhero-fetish novels featuring LGBT characters. The series follows Roland, a young man from Kansas who's changed forever by an occult book that grants its reader dangerous but seductive superpowers. Roland's journey takes him through explorations of bondage, domination and fetish (including superhero uniforms, spandex, leather and rubber), set against a world-conspiracy. The How to Kill a Superhero series has been featured at International Mister Leather, Southeast Black and Blue, the Leather Archives & Museum, Dart's Domain, No Safeword , Between the Covers in NYC, and Ropecast. Transformation Fetish,  the third book in the series,  released in March 2016 and is available now on paperback and Kindle.  The fourth book, titled Gold, will release in 2017 from Solar Six Books. Pablo also organizes superhero fetish meetups at various kink and leather events throughout the year.

How to Kill a Superhero BOOK Series


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About the Author

Pablo Greene is the renowned author of the four-book series How to Kill a Superhero. He lives in New York City, where he writes the series and makes appearances at various literary and fetish events. He also creates performance art pieces related to literary worlds and human desire.

To learn more about Pablo or to contact him, please visit About the Author.